Trinidad and Tobago Public Holidays in 2024

In the multicultural and vibrant nation of Trinidad and Tobago, public holidays are celebrated with fervor and joy. These holidays play a significant role in the lives of the people, providing much-needed breaks from work and time to engage in various festivities and cultural activities. However, for businesses like the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) and its popular lottery game PLAY WHE, public holidays can have both positive and negative effects on their results

Date Day Holiday Description
January 1 Monday New Year’s Day Celebrates the beginning of the new year
March 30 Saturday Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day Commemorates the Spiritual Baptist faith and their freedom to practice
April 19 Friday Good Friday Observe the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Christian holiday)
April 22 Monday Easter Monday Follows Easter Sunday, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ
May 30 Thursday Indian Arrival Day Recognizes the arrival of the first Indian indentured laborers
June 20 Thursday Corpus Christi Honors the Holy Eucharist (Christian holiday)
August 1 Thursday Emancipation Day Celebrates the emancipation of enslaved people
August 31 Saturday Independence Day Marks Trinidad and Tobago’s independence from British rule
September 24 Tuesday Republic Day Commemorates the country becoming a republic within the Commonwealth
October 22 Tuesday Divali The Hindu festival of lights
December 25 Wednesday Christmas Day Celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ (Christian holiday)
December 26 Thursday Boxing Day A day for giving and spending time with family